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Tactical Grade

GPS-Denied, When Sustained Precision Matters Most

picture1Through custom sensing projects and miniaturized IMU/INS modules, we empower today’s military to sustain accuracy for long duration surveillance missions when GPS is challenged. Our cutting-edge solutions are modular and software-defined, breaking down yesterday’s barriers of proprietary hardware with additional functionality and flexibility.

Our tactical grade technology also delivers exceptional performance across the three metrics that matter most:

  • Gyro stability, <1 degree per hour
  • Micro-g accelerator stability
  • Maintaining accuracy under motion

The Right Navigation Solution at the Right Price

Our products are designed to be small, lightweight and capable of performing under the most challenging conditions. Our modular approach combines the most innovative MEMs commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware components mixed with our patented designs and software. As a result, our clients reap the benefits of solutions that are cost-effective and can be produced at scale.

Our metal casing, appropriate for High G (weapon launches).

The rigorous LEXON casing, appropriate for applications with high vibration (military UAVs).

Investment Protection – Software Upgrades

Our products are modular and software-defined. This means the hardware and software can be upgraded as technology advances to provide continuously increasing levels of performance and features. To that end, we offer software subscriptions on most of our products, which provides upgrades over time and protects your investment for the long-term.

How We Can Help

Cases for low weight, high shock, and low cost solutions
Software-defined architecture enables interface with existing systems or drop in replacement applications

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We embrace software defined paradigms by mixing unique combinations of hardware and software to deliver extraordinary results.