Software-Defined IMU/INS Modules | Commercial Grade
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Commerical Grade

Cutting-Edge Navigation Solutions at Your Fingertips

unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

In today’s commercial landscape, advancements in robotics Рsuch as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and self-driving cars Рhold tremendous promise for businesses who want to reshape how they deliver value to their customers. Everyone has had the experience of having their personal navigation system descend into chaos, because your phone or device loses its connection to GPS satellites.

Now, imagine that chaos when applied to self-driving air, land and sea vehicles. GPS-denied technologies, like those from TAI, function regardless of the connection to GPS and are built for smart city applications.

We provide software-defined sensing technologies and IMU/INS modules you need, with levels of agility, flexibility and precision enabling the most demanding applications. Our technology delivers across the three metrics that matter most:

  • Gyro stability, <5 degrees per hour
  • Micro-g accelerator stability
  • Accuracy remains stable under motion

The Technology You Need at the Right Price

Our small, lightweight products are not only capable of performing under the most challenging conditions, they also can be produced with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This allows you to enjoy economies of both scale and value.

Investment Protection – Software Upgrades

Our software-defined architecture enables continuous improvement of the product and its features through upgrades. To that end, we offer software subscriptions, which provide updates that extend the lifecycle of the product and protect your investment.

Our lightest plastic casing, weighing only 100 grams.

How We Can Help

Flexible miniaturized hardware and outer cases
Software-defined modular architecture to enable multiple applications
Modular hardware design provides a wealth of options that enhance solutions

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We embrace software defined paradigms by mixing unique combinations of hardware and software to deliver extraordinary results.